MAKATA Vol. 15 (Issue No.2)

Makata (ISSN 1656-8230)

An online journal of Philippine and International contemporary poetry.


Poems by Rita Stanzione (English translation by Ute Margaret Saine)


Se fossi altro
io un mormorio continuo
passaggio di fiume
sfilerei tuniche
agli elementi mai fioriti
assetati in mezzo alle ortiche
oscurati da nebbie e paralumi
senza il verso dei giorni e delle notti

le tue camicie bianche
vorrei stropicciare dalle guance
arrampicarmi di carne e fiato
parlando all’ambra del tuo petto

cercare il lato
dove muovono insieme i battiti
essere coincidenza di vena e ossigeno
il posto dei globuli, dove il rosso
d’amare non si fa estirpare
dalle costole


If I were something else
a continuous murmur
the passage of a river
I would pull down the tunic of never flowered elements
that were thirsty in nettles
obscured by fogs and lampshades
so far from the direction of days and nights

I would rub your white shirts
by my cheeks, climbing in meat and breath
talking amber of your chest
breathing it

I would look for the side
where beats move together
I’ll be the coincidence between veins and oxygen
the place of blood cells, where the red tone
of love can’t be extirpated
out from the ribs


Porta sempre con sé
come l’ombra sul pavimento
segni d’adolescenza,
il gusto di mandorle crude
di un primo bacio che sembrò nel vuoto,
postumi di cosa non sognò
e un principio di lacrima nel caffè
evaporata a gioia
Non è possibile e lo è:
quella finestra poggiata al nulla
non si può chiudere
siccome muri intorno non ne ha
né cardini né scuri
e sbatte ugualmente
vento o non vento
tante volte pensa ad una soglia
tra il finito e l’ancóra,
e che il coagulo anima- corpo
aria nell’aria
sia lì per sciogliersi




always with her
like her shadow on the pavement
signs of adolescence,
the taste of raw almonds,
of a first kiss always in a void,
leftovers of what she didn’t dream
and the tad of a tear in the coffee
evaporated in joy
It’s not possible but it is:
that window looking out over nothing
cannot be closed
because there are no walls around
no hinges nor shutters
and it beats equally
in wind or no wind
so many times she thinks of a threshold
between the no longer and the not yet,
and that the soul-body clot
air inside air
exists to be dissolved




Un morbido violino, senti come
si spande sulle cose che profumano
su davanzali perenni: saremo albe anche poi
che la voce volterà il vento dei vissuti,
a goccia sul silenzio
del tempo vivo dei suoi passi,
anche dal verde del giardino onirico
canta l’alloro delle promesse
diventate fiori




A soft violin, can you hear how
it spreads over things that perfume
eternal windowsills: we shall be sunrises even after
the voice turns the wind of those having lived
into a drop on the silence
of the living time of their steps,
even from the green of the dream garden
the laurel of promise sings
having become flowers


In un momento
sono andata
ti ho visto
lasciare i miei occhi
plasmati a te
Qualche balbettio
dolce sospende l’aria
voce e mani
fili di seta
sul fulcro d’amore tra noi
mi troverai sorriso
nello stesso luogo
dove ti ho detto
tremo ora
che sono l’acqua mossa
nei tuoi argini
e brillo e scorro
al sole
in uno spazio
di lingua e fiamma


Here I am

In a moment
I have gone
I saw you
Leaving my eyes
molded to you
Some babble
sweetly suspends the air
voices and hands
silk threads
the fulcrum of love between us
You’ll find me like a smile
in the same place
where I told you
I tremble now
that I am the moving water
in your banks
and I shine and flow
over the sun
in a space
of tongue and flame


Adventure of Love
Fly away
To somewhere never visited before
Just the two of us
A tentative step
Moving to a whole new level
A chance to explore
Our relationship
As much as the unfamiliar
City streets
Discoveries abounding


Fade Into The Future
The gay ‘nineties give way to another age
That recoils in shock from years of decadence
Burning the Play, refusing to turn the page
Return to the chill fold of normality
Seek sanctuary in perverse penitence
And the bland embrace of banality
Bright yellow advertising posters fade beige
Shunned due to a senseless sense of diffidence
Now that none dare to step out upon the stage
Surrendering individuality
To act a part in the Play’s dark confluence
Of sin and seductive sensuality


Her Pain
Nobody knows her pain
Outwardly she still smiles
She goes to work in her flower shop
Bright flowers all around
Nothing seems different
Inwardly she is broken
Completely hollowed out
A vital piece is missing
Nothing is the same
She collects her tears
Then pours them out in secret
The flowers remind her of the wreath
On her husband’s grave
Dead in a foreign land
Buried around the corner
No, nothing will be the same again


Retreat Sea, Away!
Retreat sea, away!
As if commanded by a Cnut
More potent than history records
Flow back, revealing the mud
Stretching miles from shore desolate
Sucking, squelching underfoot
Slick to the touch.
An amniotic sac for unseen life
Alien to the world of land and air
Strange to the eye
Strange to the touch
Slick like the mud
And twitching
Awaiting the return
Of the sea that shelters them.


The Loving Breeze
From hills and mountains descends a breeze
Abandoning the clouds high above
Gently caresses the waiting trees
Lonely, looking for something to love
It spies a lonesome weeping willow
Pauses to entwine itself in its leaves
Soft and pleasant as a pillow
That tree, too, in love believes
But, while the two lovers may entwine
They possess two different natures
That can never, ever combine
No matter what either one ventures
Neither possessing the mystic art
And so, with the dawn, the two break apart


DJ Tyrer is the person behind Atlantean Publishing, was placed second in the 2015 Data Dump Award for Genre Poetry, and has been widely published in anthologies and magazines in the UK, USA and elsewhere, including issues of Cyaegha, Carillon, Frostfire Worlds, Handshake, Illumen, The Pen, Scifaikuest, Sirens Call, Tigershark and Anthology 29, and online on Staxtes English Wednesdays, Poetry Bulawayo, Poetry Pacific, and The Muse, as well as releasing several chapbooks, including the critically acclaimed Our Story.
DJ Tyrer’s website is at
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About Sonny 3 Articles
Santiago B. Villafania, a bilingual poet who writes in English and in his native language of Pangasinan, is the author of five poetry collections: Ghazalia: Maralus ya Ayat (2013), Bonsaic Verses (2012), Pinabli & Other Poems (2012), Malagilion: Sonnets tan Villanelles (2007), and Balikas na Caboloan (Voices from Caboloan, 2005) published by the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts under its UBOD New Authors Series. His second book, Malagilion was a finalist in the 2007 National Book Award for Best Book of Poetry; and won the Gawad Komisyon (Gantimpalang Tamayo sa Tulang Pangasinan) for Pangasinan poetry in 2007. He is one of the 11 Outstanding Pangasinenses and recipient of the 1st Asna Award for Arts and Culture (Literature) in 2010. He received a Distinguished Poet Award from the Writers International Network – Canada in 2015. Villafania has been published/anthologized in several countries and some of his poems have been translated into several languages, including Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and Hindi. He is a member of the Philippine PEN and currently a commissioner for the Pangasinan Historical and Cultural Commission.

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